Women drive better than men!

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Gender debate is a debate that has been going on for centuries. Too many people claim that men therefore drive better than women. But research is the opposite.
Due to the International Women's Day on March 8, insurers made an analysis!
In general, men are said to use better cars. But the results of the analysis are exactly the opposite!
According to January 2017 - December 2018, men drive 46% faster than women.
Looking at the age of 17-25, this figure rises to 55%.

Speed is the biggest factor that poses a risk while driving and is the only thing that is under control of every user.
Nevertheless, the biggest difference between young men and women using safe vehicles is like this ..

The data increases 20% of drivers, who occasionally accelerate the risk of accidents up to 87%. This is because high-speed vehicles need less time to respond to unexpected dangers.

Women are more careful at night travel!

Research found that young men used 28% more cars than women between 12: 00-05: 00 hours, almost a quarter accident, and that the night was the most risky.

For these reasons, women pay less for car insurance, not only because of their sex, but because they are more careful on the road and cause less accidents.

As a result, women are driving more safely and cautiously.

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I am a woman but I do not think we drive better than a man. We are getting excited easily. Man drive better than us. 

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