The problem of sleep is the problem of most people. You can make your sleep better by applying some suggestions.

Set the sleep routine 

The important thing is not your 90-minute sleep process, but what you do after 90 minutes of sleep.

The size of the bed is important 

Your bed must be big. Large yacht, relax!

Calculate sleep on a weekly basis 

Sleeping Teacher, Nick Littlehales We need to target 35 sleep cycles in seven days, which means 5 cycles per day. Says.
If you sleep late the next night, complete the cycle by lying a little earlier the next day.

If your room is dark, create a sunrise effect 

If you're having trouble waking up, you should get a light therapy device in a dark room that creates the effect of the sun.

Short-term but frequent sleep 

Just like a baby, you need some rest during the day. Lunch times, second sleep time, and other sleep time are between 5 and 7. Night sleep in these two sleep periods is more suitable for small rest.

You don't have to sleep, relax 

Do not see rest as a mere sleep, it is any kind of candy that you want to separate yourself and your freedom. A quiet place to sit and listen to yourself is even part of the sleep cycle.

Get used to breathing through your nose 

Because breathing through the mouth is one of the causes of falling sleep quality, you get used to breathing through the nose. You also need to learn how to sleep without a pillow or pillow. Lastly, Nick Littlehales says that the best position to sleep is the position of the fetus.

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