Where do Bees Go In Winter?

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Have you ever wondered where the bees went in the winter? Enchantingly they are very, very kind, adapted to cope with cold in various ways and with technologies that reflect their life cycle.

So where do the bees go in the winter?

The UK hosts more than 250 bee species, including 24 different bumblebee species. But in winter, they do not behave in the same way. Some lonely bee species spend the winter as adults, protecting themselves from the cold in a process called wintering. Then they emerge in the spring, to take advantage of the best without early flowering. Other species, such as Mason bee, spend the winter as a pupa and take their eggs and have an annual life cycle that ends in the autumn.

Social bees, such as bumblebees and honey bees, have the next lifestyle and winter habits of their hives and queens. They live in a nest of summer, queen bee and female worker bees. As the summer progresses, the queen leaves a new generation of queen bees and eggs that produce male bees.

At the end of the coliform slots and pairs, young queens pour over nectar and take pollen to accumulate fat on their bodies.
In the end, new queens lie underground in the winter and vital fat depots help them survive the beginning of winter. The rest of the nest is elderly queen, male bees and female worker bees.
When spring arrives, warm temperatures awaken queens of the winter sleep and want to feed the nectar before finding a suitable nest for the year.
Before they fall asleep, they mate, and in the spring their first offspring will produce female worker bees. In this way, life cycles will finish. Spring temperatures make a good kind of observations of the nature calendar in history, because the bee in the winter sleeps when the bee wakes up. And all red-tailed wasp workers will die before winter.

Red-tailed wasp
Appearance: Red-tailed wasp has a black body and a red tail. Men expect different things from women faces yellow and thoraxes
What to record: In spring, a red-tailed bumblebee queen is the first.
When to register: from the room in March, but before the weather is done depending on the hot water in this issue previously paid attention to them.

Common wasp: Like a red-tailed wasp, only the queen wasps can survive the winter. As with bumblebees, the new generation of wasps is hibernating during the winter months before the spring wakes up when the temperature rises. The rest of the colony dies in the fall.
Appearance: Yellow and black lines and a black mark on their faces are anchors. It is to confuse them with the German wasp that found three black stains on the face.
What to register: The first time you will see an active queen in spring.
When to register: the computer appears from March, but according to weather conditions. You need to keep your eyes open and let the authorities know before you notice.

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