Cellulite is a kind of condition in which the skin has a lumpy appearance. It occurs when the fat deposits push through the connective tissue. Cellulite is not a kind of skin disease. It is a cosmetic skin problem which is very common especially among women. Cellulite affects the abdomen, hips, legs, buttocks and the backs of the thighs. Cellulite has the same dimpled appearance as an orange. Even though the woman is healthy and active cellulite can occur.

Cellulite has grades which are;

Grade 1: Smooth skin while laying down.

Garde 2: Smooth skin but some dimpling appears while standing.

Grade 3: Dimpling appears.

  • What causes cellulite? is an important question.  There are lots of ways that you get cellulite.

1. Hormonal Factors: Different progesterone levels and estrogen are the causes of the appearance of cellulite. Insulin, prolactin, noradrenaline is also some of the hormones that can cause the cellulite as well.

2. Genetic Factors: Race, gender, slow metabolism

3. Clothing: Underwear thigh and elastic across the buttocks can cause the cellulite.

4. Lifestyle: Smokers are under a high risk of cellulite. People who do not exercise or do not have an active life, stand or sit in one position are in the risk group.

5. Diet: Eating too much fat or carbohydrates, salt, not eating fiber mean cellulite.

What are the myths and facts about cellulite? is another important question that must be answered.

  • Only overweight people get cellulite is NOT correct. Cellulite can appear on a fit person as far as the fatty tissue under the skin damaged.
  • Men do not have cellulite. It is not always correct that women are the only ones who get cellulite. If the family of men has a cellulite history, men also get cellulite.

Ways to get rid of cellulite are; Laser treatment, Acoustic wave therapy, Radiotherapy, Liposuction, caffeine creams, Retinol are some treatments for getting rid of cellulite

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Because of the women metabolism cellulite is seen more than man. But it can be also seen in men if the man has very fatty tissues. 
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