Every woman wants her hair to look great. We describe some small things for a lively and beautiful view!
Some women have problems with their hair, regardless of their color or length. Some women complain about hair loss, while others complain about dry hair and lack of body. So, what do you have to do for beautiful hair and what do you need to stay away from?

Hair cut
The more often people cut their hair, the sooner they are sure. But it's not what it's supposed to be. For hair growth, hair follicles, ie the internal structure of the hair should be maintained.

False Shampoo
In fact, the cause of hair loss is one of the health reasons in the background genetic causes. Stress accelerates this process. If you suddenly observe excessive spillage in your hair, you should see a doctor immediately. Because it can be a harbinger not only of hair but of more serious problems.

Comb Use
"The more you scan your hair, the longer it will grow!" Unfortunately this is also false information. There's no use in combing hair!

Hair coloring
It is harmful to dye hair! Yes this information is correct! The content of the substances found in hair dyes causes the hair to wear out. Therefore, natural hair dyes may be preferred.


It is a scientific fact that nutrients have a general effect on hair. Such that heavy diets can cause hair loss and weakening. There are vitamins and minerals that hair needs. Therefore, fruits such as vitamins, green vegetables, seafood and olive oil should be consumed.

Shampoo Replacement
Changing the shampoo you use may damage your hair. Hair structure changes and hair weakens. Therefore, do not change the shampoo unless necessary.

If you have tactics, please write in reply. Everyone should know!

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