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Some people don't want sex, they don't enjoy sex. There are elements underlying this.

What exactly is sexuality, sexual desire?

Sexuality is a desire to be made by pleasure. Sexual desire is an extremely normal feeling. Sexual desire is the desire to experience sexual intercourse with the opposite sex or sex.
Anyone who has no hormonal or psychological distress and who has reached the state of body maturity wants to have sexual pleasure. Sexuality is not just about sexual intercourse.
It would be wrong to regard sexuality as merely a combination of two bodies. We can call it the unification of two souls.

What is the importance of inter-partner communication for a healthy sexual approach?

For good sexuality, a good deal is very important. Couples with a harmonious sexual life can also color their sexual life, which makes them feel comfortable talking about sexuality.

How does sexual reluctance arise?

Sexual reluctance may arise from biological or psychological reasons. There is no hormonal problem in terms of sexual reluctance to be triggered by emotional factors. Spousal communication can be considered as many reasons such as being uncomfortable with the body of the woman or the man, not being able to solve the problems of the partner or even not showing the necessary care for the partner's self-care.

How does the woman express her reluctance?

Communication does not progress only verbally. Another point to note is the body language. The partners sometimes prefer the privacy of sexual reluctance. In this case, body language is guiding us. Your body language, tone of voice, facial expressions reflect more thoughts and feelings than oral communication. When criticizing your concept or partner about your sexual relationship, you should be sure that you have chosen this choice and support the message about your entire body.

Does reluctance have anything to do with vaginismus?

Women with vaginismus disease can not have sexual intercourse. It is the situation that the vaginal muscles suddenly become jammed during the relationship. The couple who have such things need to talk to an expert and get support from sexual therapy.

Can sexual malaise or reluctance be treated?

As with sexual problems, sexual reluctance and psychological conditions can also be treated by sexual therapy.

Sexual therapy sessions can be done with psycho-education method without any need for medication.

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