Eye wrinkles is one of the most unwanted thing especially by women since it makes them to be seen as “old” according to their understanding even if it does not have any negative effect in terms of health. The reasons varies from genetic to being older, sunshine to unsufficent moisture of the body,…etc.
Drinking water considering the requirement of body is the main natural cure for all people but sometimes drinking water can not be enough, in such a case eye wrinkle problem starts to be happen. Regardless of the reason, somehow it should not be seen by somebody else therefore makeup is the first and easiest tool to make it disappear. Actually of course it is not disappearing but just covering. In fact makeup can make the problem more deeper.

Medically botox treatment is another tool to disappear eye wrinkles completely but of course it is can not be exact solution as nothing can have anti-aging effect.

Another solution which is recently very popular and well preferred is vegetable oils. There are various types of oils and they are preferred because of being naturel, healthy and easy to apply.

Does not matter which type is being used, it should be advised and well-controlled by a doctor since it can have unexpected side effects on eye and skin but it is mostly ignored. Also the amount of the oil is another important matter.

Cocunot Oil
Due to its anti-oxidan effect, it is beneficial not only for eye wrinkle but also for other things. Eye wrinkles is just one out of many benefits. Scientifically its benefit to skin collagens has been proved. Application should be smooth and by making massage .

Avocado Oil
Its original content is knows as beneficial for skin so that it is used so common. It can be used by mixing with other oils as well but the ratio of the each oil is important otherwise unexpected results can be seen.

Olive Oil
This is maybe the most easiest and popular one among women as it is quite easy to reach and apply. Not only for eye wrinkles but also for nearly everyhing, generally it is accepted as natural cure.

Almond Oil
Recently it has started to be used so often by cosmetic sector. It is known that it softens the skin and treats. Trace amount usage would be sufficient, its positive effect will be observed but it needs to be used regularly and for long time.

Apart from usage of above mentioned oils staying away from stress, making sport so often kind of things which are part of our life should not be missed. Nutrition is important matter for skin care therefore foods containing vitamin “E” should preferred. If it is not possible to get required amount of vitamin E by food then vitamin capsule can be used. Vitamin E shows anti-oxidan effect like vegetable oils, regular usage of it would have positive impact on skin. If we keep on living considering above advised issues, we would be seeing disappearance of eye wrinkles easily.

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