How Does An Auto Pilot Fly a Plane?

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In the twentieth century, although discovery and invention had been realized, there was a person who managed to limit the flying action people had imagined for centuries. Thus, the present invention 20. Even though it was seen at the time of the appointment that gave direction to our past lives, none was considered as unusual as fly, at times when they progressed to be right about this issue appeared. The Earth is the only home in which there is a living and a human being. The days, weeks and months of the journeys have now gone down to minutes and hours.

The Wright brothers were going in the early years of the 1900s. Although it can be airborne for only seconds, the first aircraft designed and flying people were previously known, but instead, Gustav Weisskopf was to work on a previously accomplished success.
The German scientist Weisskopf prepared a trial flight with his own design, but if you testify to that plane, the Wright plane was the first person to receive a patent for the invention of flight planes.100 years after the break, Gustav Weisskopf's design experts proved that they would have flown as Weisskopf had requested. They did this by the end of the trial experiment with the matching aircraft model.

This great historical history of aviation has accelerated rapidly in the twentieth century and the center of this sector, however, the civil aviation has brought great convenience to our lives, this had a serious impact on the war industry. With the production of warplanes, the battles make it even more cruel. Prior to II. The fact that the countries that fought in the World War have lost such heavy losses are explained by aircraft bombardments.

It is still in the Allies' mind that the German-led Axis forces have left tons of bombs in their cities. This greatly increased loss of life and destruction. Today, aviation is a much more developed sector and we can say that both civil and military aviation is headed towards top technology. It was the discovery of the jet engine that started this process. With the discovery of jet engines, very long distances can be consumed in a much shorter time.

II. In the world war, civil society aviation reached a peak and became global. Planning to establish this board has started to organize international scheduled flights.
The world's first airline is Avianca in South America.
Autopilot; it is a system that flies an aircraft with artificial intelligence. Aircraft to the system management, aircraft self-blowing and any danger situation, artificial intelligence has the ability to control the plane in the most efficient way. This work is summarized as the most primitive form.

Although the autopilot systems are very similar, it can accommodate the aircraft model with different contents. In other words, the aircraft model's auto-pilot reflex is not the same. These pilot pilots are given separate aircraft training for aircraft models. The autopilot is a system when an airplane can fly under the conditions it desires without having a human. So there's definitely a pilot for the auto-pilot. Or the autopilot doesn't have a system that can, in any case, download and unload alone in today's technology. This pilot autopilot provides a routine flight of the airplane so that people can only be checked for a while while driving. Airports with some ILS systems work in partnership with autopilot to minimize human support. However, you also need the pilot to do this program.
Nowadays, automatic pilots are extremely intelligent. The A330 series of Airbus, the largest commercial competitor of Boeing, is one of the most popular models. This plane requires only 4 minutes of human presence in Paris - Miami. In other words, the aircraft is controlled by the autopilot for a duration of 9 hours and 56 minutes on a 10-hour journey. These pilots can only be called flying computers or robots.

Pilots can command the automatic pilot before or after the flight. These commands include basic parameters such as route, altitude, speed, horizontal and vertical stabilizer. In addition, according to the ILS system, the aircraft is able to adjust the speed and altitude itself to the runway and help the pilot to put the wheels in the airspace comfortably. Airline companies also advise the cockpit crew to have the system checked by the system, except for take-off and landing, for fuel savings and flight safety.

As we have seen, aviation is developing very fast. Not as hard as the pilots thought. What is important is that the aircraft is well known by a pilot and an unexpected situation can keep the aircraft in the air successfully. Here, the auto pilot has nothing to do.

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