What are the benefits of massage therapy

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Massage has become increasingly popular as a way to unwind, relax and treat yourself. Any type of body massage has benefits that can either enhance or improve one's health. The benefits of massage therapy are countless.

Here are some major benefits of massage therapy:

1. One of the main health benefits of a massage or a relaxing spa treatment is that it helps fight infection.


2. Massage can relieve stress and help you feel relaxed.


3. Pain and tension in the body can be alleviated by massage.


4. Tense muscles are a problem for many people due to poor posture, especially those who spend all day at a computer. These muscular problems can be relieved in the short term by massage, but a massage that aligns posture, like rolfing, will have long lasting effects.


5. Inflammation can also be decreased by massage, and recovery time from sports injuries can be improved, as well as circulation.


6. Massage therapy has also be shown to improve a number of different diseases and illnesses. These include arthritis, chronic pain and back pain, digestive disorders, depression, circulatory issues, headache, sleep problems and many more. It can also work well beside other treatments too.


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