5 Things You Need to Know About Tattoo

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Decision phase
First, do you really want to have a tattoo? You must give a clear answer to this.

Choose the right artist or shape

Don't be the victim of bad tattooist! Set the tattoo artist correctly, investigate and don't decide right away. It is not reasonable to ask a minimalist something from someone who works at the Old School.

Appointments and other jobs

Make an appointment after determining the day and time you can go. No need to search, they are also interested in social media. Ask all the questions attached to your head and find a different artist if you get the opposite answers. Work with an artist who loves his job.

Care after tattooing

You apply the cream given to the tattoo while the artist's size is appropriate. After the procedure, your arm is covered with a tape.

Allergic reactions, skin according to the skin, of course. But according to someone with a lime-white skin and delicate skin, I must say, I didn't have a problem. After tattooing, it is said that it will itch, it will bleed, it will be a little bit of tattooing with itching, and this is a normal process but I did not experience such things.

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