Do not apply the brakes when passing through the speed bump!
Do not brake when passing through the speed bump! You must brake before reaching the speed bump. If you press the brake on the speed bump, your vehicle may be damaged.
If you press the brake, the car's load is pushed into the front suspension and the pre-compressed suspension is forced twice.

After parking the vehicle, apply the parking brake when not in gear and then engage the gear!
It is better to apply the hand brake first.
If you put the gear first, the load of the vehicle will fall on the gears and the gears will be forced. Therefore, you can prevent unnecessary damage to the gears.

For vehicles with manual gear, use the gear when driving downhill!

Avoid accelerating the vehicle using engine power instead of normal braking.
In this way, you can extend the life of the linings by using the brake pads less.

You can extend the life of your vehicle by applying small but effective methods.

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Always follow the traffic rules. See you!

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