Some Common Brain Tumor Types

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Although there are about 120 different types of tumors that can occur, there are a few that occur most often. Some of these include:
1.Astrocytoma: This represents one of the most common types of tumors. These result from star shaped cells called astrocytes. There are basically four types of astrocytomas: pilocytic astrocytomas, astrocytoma, anaplastic astrocytoma and glioblastoma multiforme. 

2.Central Nervous System(CNS) Lymphoma: This is quite a dangerous type of tumor since although it primarily occurs as brain or spinal cord tumor, it can sometimes even involve the eyes and the spinal fluid. This malignant tumor arises from lymphocyte cells or white blood cells which form part of our body's natural immune system thereby increasing the risks even more. 

3.Ependymoma: Representing almost 10% of all childhood brain tumors, the ependymoma tumor arises from the ependymal cells lining the ventricles within the brain and central canal of the spinal cord. In adults they occur most commonly in the spinal cord. 

4.Medulloblastoma: These are basically primitive neuroectodermal tumors that arise in the cerebellum. As against the ependymoma tumors, the medulloblastoma tumors account for 25% of all childhood brain tumors. This tumor is known to occur more often in boys than in girls. 

5.Meningioma: Representing almost 25% of all brain tumors, the meningioma tumor develops from meninges and are known to occur most commonly among people in their forties, with more women getting affected than men. Since, this tumor has the tendency to grow slowly, it can be quite large before being diagnosed. 

6.Pituitary Tumors: The pituitary tumors result from a small oval-shaped gland called pituitary gland. These adenomas are almost always non-malignant and are therefore mostly curable. The pituitary adenomas can well be classified as: secreting and non-secreting, with the non-secreting ones occuring most often in middle-aged and the elderly and the secreting ones in younger adults. 

7.Vestibular Schwannomas: Another type of non-malignant tumor is the vestibular schwannomas or better known as acoustic neuromas. Like the meningioma tumor, these too have a tendency to grow slowly and occur most commonly in adults with women having twice the risk than men.

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