Recently there are lots of investigation and scientific works of robots with the evolution of technology in modern society. Also, some of theme like human such as robot Sophia. Well are these robots have advantages or disadvantages for our life ? Today we are negotiating about it. 
What Are The Robots'  Advantages 

To begin with, increase in productions. Robots do not feel exhausted because they are non-living things, so they can work long hours. Secondly, they have got too much theoretical knowledge of computers, machines and engines in comparison with the actual people. Thus, they may provide easiness of studies. Eventually, people might have lots of time due to the fact that robots do majority of their works such as housework. As a result, humanity just have to think about innovations which the world needs

What Are The Robots'  Disadvantages 

On the other hand,  probably, there are lots of increase in job cuts because the robots are faster, more regular and uncomplaining. Furthermore. do you think they can be creativity like people ? let us response this question. There is a reality, robots never feel and think so they cant improve their imagination. Therefore, they have any invention. The other drawback is that ignorance. society don't need find out new things because they won't practice about them. After that they likely will be ignorant individuals.
To sum up, robot in modern world have a lot of advantages and disadvantages.  howewer, the pros out-weigh the cons regardless, because robots will help us everwhere and our lives will be more easy thanks to robots.

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