People prefer to kill when they see a spider in your house. Very few people dare to leave to the nature or do not really want to do it. For most of the time, seeing a spider is a scary image, and of course there is no risk of anyone entering the nursery room. Well, acak Is it really the right solution to kill these creatures? In Although a question is directed, people often don't know what to do about the answer.

Are Eight Legged Spiders Dangerous?

First you need to clarify something. Indeed, spiders are much more strictly human-friendly than serious enemies. 40,000 spider species known to the world at the very beginning can harm people. In an interview with National Geographic, spider expert Jo-Anne Sewlal of the West Indies University, it was reported that spiders had an interest in people, that is, activities directed at people. From such an explanation, it is not necessary to say that spider bites are extremely rare. But that doesn't mean there are no dangerous spiders! You need to know the ways of protection by learning the poisonous spiders in your area and trying to recognize them. (Are there spider species such as the black widow, brown hermit?)

In a survey study of entomologists from North Carolina State University, Matt Bertone, it was learned that there were many arthropods in their homes. This is not the result of an amazing survey. Commonly seen in the houses are spiders, spider web spiders and cellar spiders. It is normal. The spiders are quite typical members of the interior ecosystem and work to make our living spaces so good. In general, they like to stay away from people, they don't expect to be prey, they hide in the dark. They catch and eat disturbing pests like cockroaches and earworms. They even catch insects that carry disease, such as mosquitoes and flies. Sometimes they duel and kill other spiders. The cellar spider kills the spiders of the poisonous darkness.

Benefits of Spiders
It's not good to kill non-poisonous spiders. If you can rely on seeing a spider inside, you should try to trap it, catch it, and slowly leave it out. Leaving some spiders out is worse than killing them. He must definitely not be killed and should remain where they are.
There is a small possibility, for example, if you buy a spider in a tropical fruit or inside a banana stalk you buy from the market, it may be necessary to kill him, albeit sad.
Because there are spiders in a different region, they can carry different diseases, so killing can be the right way.
Because the release of such a spider into the nature may be a harbinger of new diseases, and may be in plants and other living things. spiders; By eliminating other pests in your home, it not only prevents them from multiplying but also prevents diseases that will spread from them.
When seen in the spider, which triggers emotions such as fear and disgust, there are benefits like every living in the ecosystem. Of course, it is difficult to fight with conceptual fears and this is an undeniable fact. If you find a spider in your home or office; the first that comes to mind is the pests they hunt. What if this non-poisonous spider had to face them? I'm sure your mind will change.

What do you do if you see a spider?

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