Some things that are known wrong about girls!

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All the girls are frustrated while menstruating!
Pain levels change during menstrual period. Some people feel this pain too much. Not every woman is the same.

All the girls are emotional
False. There are a lot of girls out of emotion. So some of them are.

Girls just want to look good for men
False. They are actually doing it to appear acceptable in society. The other girls are actually judging them more. That's why they want to look good.

They want men to plan exaggerated dates
False. What they want is a meaningful time. They just want us to be mentally prepared and to be a good listener.

Girls naturally hairless
No. Body hairs. To clean hair, girls clean their feathers.

Girls love malicious men
False. They go through a stage, but in the end, the girls love themselves and the gentlemen who respect them.

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