Control your car's hood and wheels
In cold winter days, especially cats are trying to warm up under the vehicles. The reason they prefer them is that the new parked cars are hot. It is therefore best to make a general check, especially before starting and moving the vehicle.

You can leave bait in front of the windows
Although cats and dogs are the first to come to mind when it comes to street animals, birds are ultimately street animals. For birds that have difficulty finding food on cold, rainy and snowy days, it is a good idea to leave some food.

You can do tiny houses
For animals living on the streets such as birds, cats and dogs, it is very simple, you can build huts to protect from cold and wetness, fill inside and put in suitable places. For example, you can wrap nylon in a cardboard. I did it and it didn't get cold, it didn't get wet.

Please, do your best to help them.

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It doesn't help people who don't like animals.

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