Although it is tempting to lose weight fast, it is not recommended. The calories of diets that cause rapid weight loss are very low. We can continue a low-calorie diet for several weeks and finish health.
What are the risks of losing weight very quickly:

Muscle Loss: Weight does not always mean to lose fat. While very low calorie calories help to lose weight fast, most weight loss comes from muscle and water. In one study, the researchers took 25 people to 500 calories in a low diet for 12 weeks and 22 to 1.250 calories in 12 weeks for a low calorie diet. After the study, both groups lost approximately the same amount of weight.

Metabolism slows down: Losing weight very quickly may slow down the metabolism. Metabolism determines the amount of calories daily. Slower metabolism spends less calories. Some studies have found that consuming less calories can lead to a faster weight loss approaching 23% less calories per day. The causes of slowing down metabolism are the reduction of hormones that regulate metabolism, such as thyroid hormone and muscles. Unfortunately, this decline in metabolism can continue even after finishing the diet.

Nutritional deficiencies occur: If you cannot take calories regularly, you may be at risk of malnutrition. This may be due to a low-calorie diet such as iron, folate and vitamin B12. There were several reasons for lack of nutrition.

Hair loss: It does not contain enough nutrients that cause hair loss and it affects hair growth with very little calories.

Excessive fatigue: Very low calorie iron, vitamin B12 and folate can not be taken a diet, excessive fatigue and anemia disease occurs.

Poor immunity: Not taking enough calories and nutrients weakens immunity and increases the risk of infection.
Fragile, weak bones: Vitamin D in the diet arises from a lack of calcium and phosphorus.

Instead of losing weight fast, you should prefer healthy and slow diets.

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