Getting up early is good for your sanity!

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In a study conducted in the United Kingdom and the United States, it was concluded that early awakens were better than those who preferred to stay in bed for longer. In the largest research on the relationship between the natural body clock and the genetic structure, significant parallels were found between early stay and general mental health.

In previous studies, there was a connection between getting up early in the morning and reason management, but it was announced that early shields had better daily schedules and better controls and felt good for it.

However, in a joint study by the University of Exeter and Massachusetts General Hospital, the genes played a larger role. According to data from 85 thousand 760 people who have a device attached to their wrists to observe daily activities, the five percent that carries the largest number of genes associated with premature upset tends to awaken 25 minutes earlier than the five percent bearing the least number.

Research, the body clock playing a role in the famous gene number of 24, 351'ta rising said. Experts emphasize that the genes affect the time of sleep, not the sleep system.

The team led the research team. University of Exeter. Mike Weedon Most of the participants in our study have provided us with the strongest evidence that night birds are at risk of mental health problems such as schizophrenia. However, we need to do more research to fully understand this relationship.

The body clock is influenced by nutritional habits, exposure to artificial light, occupation and general activities as well as genes.

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