Coke, soda, soda. Who doesn't like these drinks?
We'll talk about the harms of acidic beverages in this sharing.
These drinks directly affect my intestines. Invites colon cancer and intestinal inflammation.
The amount of phosphate in acidic beverages is high. This is why a person who regularly consumes these drinks is more likely to suffer from bone resorption in later years.

Sodium benzoate contained in acidic beverages is the best ingredient that invites asthma. Sodium benzoate also allows the formation of eczema. In addition, sweeteners containing acidic beverages cause serious sugar problems.

There is 0.11 grams of sugar per 100 ml. A 2.5L coke bottle contains 0.28 sugar, which is approximately 31% sugar. (This information is written on the coke bottles.)

It causes damage to the kidneys due to phosphoric acid in acidic beverages. Over time, kidney failure is inevitable.
In addition, acid preparation teeth decay and bad breath can make.
The acid found in these drinks severely damages the stomach and naturally causes gastritis and ulcers.


Will you continue to drink acidic beverages every day after learning this?

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