When men hear this word, they go crazy!

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Married couples or lovers. Everybody has a similar situation. 


Should we go shopping?
If you need this word, the man gets angry. Men don't like shopping.

We need to talk now!
"This is a bad thing," this sentence that creates a perception, until the man is in sweat. According to the subject, this situation increases / decreases.

My friend is getting married
You can resist against it without being married yet!
For a man, this situation leads to stress. If the subject came to marriage, it is possible to pretend to be dead.

You're gonna watch a match again?
The sentence focuses on the word "again", not the man. We're already watching once a week, there's an activity we love, again needing to stretch the environment by saying?

Are you listening to me?
A woman shouldn't test that interest. Men with stress can make sudden reactions!

How's my hair?
At first glance, you can't understand what happened. If you've done something, you say it. Men don't notice.

Where's our relationship going?
If the man doesn't think seriously, he'll be the subject of a new discussion.

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Shall we go shopping? I'il tell him to do this alone.

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