What to wear on the first date?

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The clothing used in the first meeting with the opposite sex is important.


Let's start with the girl's elections first. Girls are completely influenced by black combinations from a man.


The most risk-free choice for both sexes. For boys, the girls enjoy a homely black-haired combination. Especially ideal for winter months.

Sport elegance is also one of the other preferred.


Of course, the meeting place is important, but in a serious and stylish place will meet men wearing a nice shirt and jacket, plus points. It is important that you definitely look comfortable and stylish, of course you should not be in your suit.

Men want to see a girl in the most beautiful dress shirts.


Classic white and black is also; According to the results of sports and patterned according to the environment.. 

Of course you won't forget the stylish, cute dresses as well. According to the results of the men's shirts are described as favorite clothes.
Simple; extremely dressy or narrow, extremely short or long stylish dresses suitable for any environment. Men like this feminine show.

Combination of both sexes, jeans and t-shirts.
The most comfortable and uncomfortable combination of all time jeans and T-shirts; The only combination that both sexes want to see at the first meeting. Of course, we're not talking about a very exaggerated T-shirt or jeans that are shattered all over. Just a plain jeans, a plain, maybe a regular t-shirt and clean sports shoes.

What's your idea? How do you dress when you walk out?

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Jeans and t-shirts are nice. I wear jeans and a shirt.
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