How to prevent hair from being worn out?

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Avoid drying your hair with a towel for a long time after bathing!


Do not allow the wet hair to get in contact with more towels after getting too wet. Hair becomes more weary when I come in contact with the towel and causes a matte appearance.

Do not use continuous hair dryer!


Continuous use of the hair dryer gives damage to hair follicles. Drying with the machine for a long time causes drying of the ends of the hair. Hair dryer set at intervals will be better for your hair health.

Apply cream or oil in hair styling


Hair creams and hair oils specially designed for hair can be preferred. In this way, we avoid any damage to our hair in heat treatments.

Stop changing your hair color constantly!


Continuous dyeing of the hair will damage the hair. It causes both hair loss and hair structure. If you want to have hair that looks like regret, pay attention to every step you make for your hair.

Do you care about your hair?

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