A beautiful and well-groomed skin is every woman's dream. What should be done to make the skin look smooth?

Always wash your hands.

In our face, we infuse our bacteria with our hands. Once we've got the bile to wash our faces, we'il manage them once. In the day, it is best to take the hands to the face as little as possible.

The face towel should only be used for the face.

Although some people use paper towels to exaggerate the face, there is no need to slaughter trees for this. The face towel should only be used for the face and replaced frequently.

Pay attention to the face cleaning tools.

Facial cleansing brushes and sponges can be cleaned very much, but they turn into bacteria. It is necessary to leave these tools in such a way that they can dry quickly and use them frequently.

Do not leave the makeup cleaning superficial.

Facial cleansing wipes, cotton lotions are nice but not enough for all pores. Black dots, comedones and pimples are very natural to form. After cleaning your skin, wash it off and wipe it with a tonic so that all the remnants get away.

Wash your makeup brushes frequently.

The plates and sponges that we use when we make up our makeup are getting dirty. We are constantly combining them with our skin. Makeup sponges are in use, brushes should be washed and dried thoroughly once a week.

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