Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy?

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How to feed the pregnant mother? What to eat for the baby's productivity?

Milk and milk products

Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cream and kefir as well as products such as protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12 are important for the content of nutrients and vitamins.

Consumption of dairy products was also important in developing baby's muscles, bones, teeth and even heart. Remember that calcium is very important for the baby's skeletal system.

Of course, it could be a loss if it's not. Measure in the dimensions of 1000-1300 mg in the measurement, trade in the measure means. For example, a glass of milk contains 240 mg of calcium, 1 bowl of yogurt has an average of 330 mg of calcium.

It will also help in digestion as well as in the foreground.

Pasteurized milk will be avoided as bacteria formation will be intense. If this situation is unavoidable, the baby may cause permanent or even fatal injury.

Group of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables that are very important for the mineral and vitamin properties of the fruits Organic vegetables from the fruits and vegetables are vitamins A, C, potassium and folic acid. These products will protect both you and your newborn baby against possible diseases and will increase your body resistance.

You can easily avoid this situation with the group of fruits and vegetables.

The nature of the fibers, the fiber should be in the early stages of pregnancy. Vegetable and fruit season and fresh ingredients, at least 5 servings by taking care of the center. Fruity vegetables should not be overcooked to protect the vitamin.

Red meat, poultry and fish

Women are also the periods of iron supply is the most intense pregnancy. This is what the treatment demands and therefore it is important. Meat is the most important source of iron. When consuming meat there is also vitamin C containing vegetables and fruits that you can consume as well as make it physically faster and stronger in iron. But as always, not to be excessive, to meet the will of the protein is always renewed consistency.

Grain group

Carbohydrates are important as the energy source of the body. The grains that contain fiber and vitamin B also carry a tremendous carbohydrate. Energy consumption in the pregnancy sector Notice that bread and its variant in this meal has been a whole grain whatever it is. It should be avoided if it is made of long white flour and white flour. Rice and corn, albeit rarely, can be consumed in this process.

Oil sources

Olive oil, butter or sunflower oil may come to our minds. But olive, dried foods, avocado and even flax seeds such as foods are included in this group. The nutrients that our bodies need include fats. It will play an important role in the development of your brain and nervous system especially for your baby.

Consume water
Water is a food source that should be consumed every day. It will play an important role in the digestion and absorption of nutrients consumed in the first pregnancy sector.

You should consume 2 Lt of water a day. It can decrease and increase according to your weight. Water, consuming vitamins, minerals and hormones to your baby easier, healthier and faster allows you to give.

To understand your adequate water intake, you can understand that the mother's urine color is dark.

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