What Are the Symptoms of the Baby's Sex?

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So what are the symptoms of a male baby, how can we predict the sex?

No nausea in the morning

Not feeling the nausea during pregnancy in the first 3 months may be a sign that the baby will be a man.

Sweet eating need

If during pregnancy your beloved is extremely sweet, if you get up at midnight and eat dessert, it may be a sign that your child is male.

If the abdomen is upright and pointed

The shape of the mother's tummy during pregnancy can tell the size of your baby's gender. In pregnancy, the mother's abdomen is at the beginning of this baby's gender where men are in places.

The nipple and the environment are blackened

the color of the nipple and the surrounding area become darker in women who are pregnant with a baby.

Breasts grow

If the left chest is larger than the right breast, the gender will be female and the gender will be male if the right breast is larger than the left chest.

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