What is vaginismus?

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Vajinismus, according to his wish, will suffer sexual intercourse inside, fear of intercourse with fear of bleeding. In addition to this definition, the prepared vagina can also be called panic attack. Without the foreplay, no problems arise and cannot be understood. The woman can make foreplay, evacuate and relax. When the muscles get stuck in the vagina, it is difficult to get involved. Woman closes her legs and pushes man. The main problem of vaginismus disease is 97% psychological. Only 3% are anatomical problems. these; Like the vagina structure installed on the computer. Vaginismus disease, misdiagnosed subjects, may be the cause of the disease. Psychological conditions such as shame and boredom can trigger vaginismus disease.

I would be happy if people living this disease and surviving vaginismus write an answer. Wish you a healthy day.

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