10 months of no human contact

You know the gist – maxed main with 4b+ bank got hit by an RWT ban on 26-Oct-2021. When it happened I tried to appeal it, obviously, but since it’s an RWT ban, Jagex automatically declines the appeal (and these days it seems there isn’t even an option to try appealing it). Then I tried getting in touch with Jmods on twitter – 30 tweets the first month, 10 tweets next month and then a tweet here and there. None of those tweets got a response (besides phishing bots trying catch desperate people due to support inaccessibility). And now I’m here, hoping to get any response from an actual human. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to try raids 3 yet (the only reason I haven’t yet abandoned this completely).

The account is “Grumpy osrs”, as featured in such classics as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PExY5ks9dGQ . I have theories as to why it was banned and why it was automatic and not analyzed by a human, but all I’ll say is that they involve an account “Grurnpy”.

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